Air-cond installation

We strive to perform all kinds of services with a simple and straightforward attitude that leaves no room for error. That includes air-cond installation.

Our technicians are well trained with different models and specifications of air-cond units, which we are able to install you air-cond unit in the most efficient and convenient possible ways. Any slightest room of error that causes any inconvenience to our beloved customers is unacceptable for us.

Steps we take for an air-cond installation:

  1. We would identify the best spot in the customer's premises to install the air-cond unit. A strong and robust wall is best suited to install the air-cond unit, to be able to withstand the vibrations from it, also ensuring we follow all the safety regulations. Furthermore, we always try to place the unit on a minimum of 7 feet above ground to perform the maintenance and services easier.
  2. We mount the plate of the unit on the wall to zero degree, this is a very crucial step to ensure the air-cond unit rests flush on the wall.
  3. We first install the indoor unit of the air-cond, we gently lift it up towards the mount to prevent any scratches caused to the wall or the unit itself. We then run the wires and pipes out of the hole and start screwing it into place.
  4. For the outdoor unit, we will opt for a wall that has 30cm in distance between itself and the outdoor unit, the air-cond would perform in its optimal best by this method. Furthermore, a spot without direct sunlight would be prioritized too.