Based on years of experience dealing with all kinds of air-conditioners, we can confidently recommend Daikin as one of the high quality air-conditioners around. It has received numerous awards over the years within the industry with its innovative designs. It is also one of the most energy efficiency brands in the market.

Daikin is also known for its efficient split system models that it deals with. Most of the models in its line have the ability to be mounted on the floor.

TTo understand more and what to expect from DAIKIN, here below are some tips about them.

The introduction of the SUPER MULTI NX model marked a major step forward, it has been a revolutionary design being widely agreed within the industry. It has achieved an amazing level of efficiency that has seen it earn a 7-star rating. It is also highly regarded by the National Asthma Council. As per the reports, the SUPER MULTI NX is one of the most efficient air-conditioner models in the entire market.

Among its major features, the model is equipped with their revolutionary 2-area ‘Intelligent Eye’. It is designed to detect human presence, to enhance efficiency by regulating cooling in the event that a room is not occupied for at least 20 minutes. It can also humidify and purify air in homes or offices by ensuring fresh air all the time.

Another amazing feature that the model offers is it comes with ‘quiet mode’ in order to reduce or minimize operational noise level significantly.

It is one of the more famous models among its peers as it is an ideal option in modern days.

One of the latest models under the DAIKIN line is the SUPER MULTI HW series is designed in a way to be the perfect match for modern houses. It comes with almost all the modern features to match the modern technology.

One of the main features is the amazing shape of a sleek curved face and it is finished with dull white and silver hence it fits really well in the modern world with its advanced technology and modern design. It is fully capable of handling from ordinary smaller rooms in a normal household and up to bigger commercial rooms. It also functions very quietly and is equipped with air purification filters in it to ensure clean air. The series also comes with a humidity control option.

Another one of the most popular and promising models from DAIKIN is the silver ENVI series. It has the most advanced technologies like all of the DAIKIN models. It operates very quietly and has features that make it competitive among its peers. It is equipped with amazing and intuitive settings to control temperatures to ensure that it is easier for its users. It has also superb efficiency to back itself up too. It is perfect for heating and cooling for all sizes of rooms and at the same time maintain proper room ambience. Lastly it is also relatively cheaper compared to the other models.

The VRV A series is equipped with the latest technology features hence it makes it a wonderful air-conditioner. It has an automatic fan speed setting to enhance its efficiency. Other amazing features include the 3D airflow provision, intelligent eye among others. It is again like other DAIKIN models, it fits well with small or large rooms due to the availability of various sizes. It is one of the most economical and versatile air-conditioners in the market. It’s a good choice however it does not offer the standing floor option.

The HXE Series is for the floor standing unit lovers, as the unit is not required to be fastened on the wall like other air-conditioner models. It is one of the best air-conditioners around for its efficiency, the model also works quietly even if it is not fastened to the wall.

All in all, it is one of the most versatile air-conditioners around with minimal noise, powerful airflow and superb energy efficiency.

The UWAX series is an amazing air-conditioner that comes with a wide range of sizes that starts from 2.5kw and up to 7.1kw. It is equipped with a wide range of operation varieties, with the latest design that facilitates even distribution of air.

The following are some of the unique capabilities among the DAIKIN floor standing series. It is ideal for colder climates, which require more heating than cooling. It works very well in smaller rooms and it is very easy to install as it does not need to be fastened onto the walls. The UWAX series is a very good choice among air-conditioners for ever changing climates that may include inland country regions.