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We strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Ensuring our customers to not have any worries on at least one aspect of their lives that we excel in.

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Honest local expert professionals on air conditioning repairs, services with the latest maintenance technologies. Local trusted family owned and operated with the best service guaranteed.

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Local trusted family owned and operated with the best service guaranteed.

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Wide selections of packages for more cost savings available.

AirCool&Cool - Your ONE-STOP air cond service center.

As a respected leader in aircon services in Singapore, AirCool&Cool has been setting the standard in quality and reliability for more than half a decade. Our expert technicians, each with over a decade of industry experience, are dedicated to delivering top-tier service that caters to the unique needs of every customer.

Whether you own a Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Midea, Toshiba, Samsung or any other aircon brand, we've got you covered. We're proficient in servicing almost all brands available on the market, showcasing our flexibility and versatility.

Experienced an unexpected aircon failure? Fear not. At AirCool&Cool, we know the disappointment of an aircon breakdown and strive to prevent it from happening. Trust us to safeguard your comfort with our comprehensive aircon services.

Aircon Servicing at Its Best
When it comes to aircon servicing in Singapore, you want and deserve only the best. We provide comprehensive aircon servicing that includes complete diagnostic reports of any faults in your units and multiple checks to ensure all aircon components are functioning optimally.

The Aircon repair Singapore needs!
Apart from aircon service, We are experts in providing the aircon repair Singapore locals love! Our technicians have the years-long experience to deal with all air conditioning products from global companies. Like our cheap aircon servicing Singapore, our aircon repair expertise is provided at budget-friendly rates to allow all home and business owners to benefit from quality services.
We offer two types of in-depth aircon cleaning. Our regular package uses water to thoroughly clean the parts of your aircon unit. For more extensive cleaning, we use dedicated chemicals that perform twice or more the cleaning power of clear water.

Deep Aircon Cleaning
We provide two types of deep cleaning under our services. Regular packages use only water to thoroughly clean the parts of your units, including the filters, panels and covers. On the other hand for a more extensive cleaning, some dedicated chemicals come into the game, and it does twice or more the job normal clear water provides.

Routine Aircon Maintenance
As part of our air conditioning service, we give our customers the benefit of aircon maintenance. We inspect their indoor and outdoor units thoroughly, looking if any part needs replacement or troubleshooting. In case it does, we will use genuine parts from the manufacturer to replace them.

The Ultimate Aircon Service in Singapore
Our team of professionals is an integral part of our air conditioning service. They understand product specifications and details which allows them to repair, install and service an AC from any brand. With our aircon service Singapore residents can enjoy the convenience of contacting us at any time and getting their problems fixed in instants.

Your Trusted HVAC Partner in Singapore
Thanks to our expertise in HVAC Singapore locals can feel relaxed about top-notch installation. Our incredibly positive customer response makes us an ultimate answer to all your aircon service near me searches on Google. If you search aircon service near me on any search engine, you will find a lot of options; however only a few excel in their customer support.

Our experience and customer service make your time worthwhile and productive with us! We treat our customers as a part of our family.

Proactive Customer Service
With all kinds of troubles in our modern busy lives nowadays, none of us would want to add anymore problems on our plates. One less thing to worry if you are with us, we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives to inform you whenever your air-cond units need care. We established a system that allows us to track each customer’s unit by informing them for a check-up or a service to be arranged. Hence none of our customers would need to have the worry to either miss the scheduled service or going home with the air-cond not working when we need it the most.

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